Nick Amrhein

Heavily tattooed, rides a Harley, skateboarder, and a type 1 diabetic.

Nick knew he would be taking photo and video for the rest of his life at age 15. Anything with creative concepts, heavy post production is what makes Nick light up! 

Specializing in commercial and advertising photography + video. Typically working with agencies, publications, large to small businesses, and individuals for their personal branding.

Currently calling Toledo, Ohio home, Nick has lived most of his life traveling living in other places. California was Nick's first stopping grounds at 18 years old where he developed his edgy style while interning at Loyalty Creative and assisting under celebrity/fashion photographer Kevin Ou.

Nick is the co-founder of Common Creatives Studio. A full out photo/video studio. You’ll find Nick there 95% of the time unless he's out grinding at the local skate park, cruising the streets on his motorcycle, or hanging with his dog Chopper. 




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